So I have this downstairs neighbor who lives directly underneath me who I’ve actually never seen before. But I know that someone lives there because there’s a futon that you can clearly see when the blinds are disheveled. Anyway, I actually hear him talking in a semi-normal voice down from his apartment, and I am so freaked out right now.

I can’t even imagine how much he hates Matt and I and probably our cats for all the noise we make up here, yelling and throwing things and our 20 pound cats always jumping off of things, blending things at 2 am, and the most embarrassing of all, having sex EXTREMELY loudly because honestly we usually don’t care.


  1. diem-the-kitty said: Haaa ha haa! That’s awesome. When I was… having my friend with benefits, we kept saying how his neighbors must HATE him for all the noise his guest makes. :3
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